Differences between buying a job and having a business

When we start a business many times we start it without knowing what to do and not knowing where to start, many times we even quit our job to follow a dream of not working for anyone, we just want to be our own bosses, but we start our journey of our own business not realizing the sacrifices we have to make and all the time we have to invest without taking into consideration all the process that is required to start a business.

If you start your business without first considering a business plan, a marketing plan, the legal entities, also without doing an analysis of the market of your competitors and without knowing the business break-even point. If you start a business without taking into consideration the mentioned points, where will you base the prices of the services you offer to your customers?

Most likely you are going to base your prices for the services that you are going to offer is what you earned per day when you were working. That means that you are going to want to match the income you earned per week at your job and there is nothing wrong with that, the only thing is that if you do it that way you will be earning much less per hour than you were earning at work and this is not the way to start. If you start it this way that means you bought a job and eventually you will say that having a business is useless.

Starting a business can be an exciting, yet daunting experience. Many times, entrepreneurs go into the process without knowing where to start or what to do. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the many details that need to be taken care of when launching a business. But for those who are brave enough to take the plunge and leave their jobs behind in search of becoming their own boss, it can be an incredibly rewarding journey. With hard work and dedication, anyone can make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.

If you start your business right, it will eventually grow and when it’s profitable, even if you’re not around, that means you have a business. and a business has to be profitable, whether you are there or not, if you go on vacation, the business does not have to stop and it always has to be profitable.